“Kathy has been my personal trainer following the birth of my third child.Thanks to Kathy ´s perfect combination of diverse training methods – such as Reformer and Pilates, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting – I have now incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved and I’ve got new muscles that I was not aware of. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Kathy will be able to share a lot with you.
 Kathy is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise.
 Her integrity, professionalism, knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, set great foundations for a new healthier lifestyle!  Thanks Kathy! ”  Marie-Claire, France

“Kathy is a very dedicated Personal Trainer. Session I had with her were very pleasant, time was flying despite the intense work we were having. I like her friendly and professional approach.” Lily Ting, France

“I have the pleasure to train with Kathy. She’s helping me with correcting my posture & kicks my butt also, she never goes for the easy way and makes sure you’re really working on your body. Her sessions are never the same and are customized for what my body needs, she always challenge me. She’s not only super professional, she is a very funny & pleasant person to train with, I really recommend Kathy for all your work-outs.”Jeanine, Netherlands

“Kathy genuinely cares about your well being. You can count on her whether you need exercises to improve body posture or nutrition advises. I appreciate how the next day after each session she will make a little follow up. After following Kathy program, I am more aware of my daily body posture and I am getting less and less those repetitive back pains. Thank you Kathy for your dedication for my well being!” Yan Pui, France  

“Kathy is an inspiring and dedicated trainer.  She eats, sleeps, and breathes fitness. Her knowledge of nutrition and the human anatomy enables her to be a well-rounded trainer.  Kathy is patient and enjoys designing fitness plans for her clients.  Kathy helped me to lose weight and feel great about myself. She helped to customize a diet plan that fit my lifestyle and eating habits.  I loved doing Pilates and cardio with her and I felt amazing after every workout. After each Pilates session I felt as if my back was straighter and my abs and gluteus were tighter.  I would highly recommend Kathy as a trainer to anyone who wants to improve his or her overall fitness, health and confidence. Thank you Kathy, this is the healthiest I have ever felt!” Monica, USA

“I started training with Kathy when my daughter turned 7 months old. Before the baby, I did Muay Thai and ran a lot. However, due to antenatal and postnatal hormonal changes, I had pain in my wrists and neck and could not go back to Muay Thai and running. I thought it would be impossible to find joy in exercising again as I could not do much, but of course, with Kathy, it was not to be. I have enjoyed every training session with Kathy as she continues to push me to my limits without compromising my wrists and neck. Each session is more challenging than the next, and as the months pass, I feel fitter and better. I have also lost some of the weight I put on during my pregnancy and am more toned. Kathy has recently written a diet plan for me and I cannot wait to see the result of that. I tell all my friends about Kathy because I highly recommend her approach to personal training – she is able to look at my circumstances and personalize my workout according to my needs, she makes exercising fun and at the same time challenging so I am able to reach new heights with my timing and the number of reps I can do, and she is able to write a diet plan for me that suits my taste, so that it becomes a lifestyle, therefore easy for me to maintain. I don’t know what else I can ask for from a trainer! Thanks, Kathy!” Jelinda, Malaysia

“My name is Tom, I am 28 years old and I work in the Construction Industry (office based). Before I started a change in my nutrition (diet plan), I weighed 95kg, which is between 20-30kg more than what somebody my age and height should weigh. Prior to carrying out any diet plan, I used to train 5-6 nights a week, either through football or jogging (at a gym). However, I would never lose weight, despite training so intensively, mainly due to my diet. I have always been conscious of what I eat, and before I started any nutrition plan, I would generally not eat enough calories throughout the day. By doing so, I was starving my body of nutrients it so badly needed especially as I was also training so rigorously. Kathy has created a diet plan tailor made for me. Unlike most diet plans you see advertised on TV or the internet, this nutrition plan was created for what suited me, with ingredients which could be easily sourced or replaced (if necessary). The plan was also created to provide me with a balanced diet to suit my lifestyle. I was also able to monitor the food I eat, when and how much, so my nutritionist can check on a weekly basis. Upon review of the weekly plan, my nutritionist and I continued to liaise and discuss any issues with the diet plan, as every diet plan needs to be changed slightly, to suit my needs. I managed to follow the plan with great commitment and I am pleased to say that after 20 weeks, I have lost 17kg. I am also pleased that through the knowledge of Kathy, I am able to set my own diet, as I now know what suits my body and my lifestyle and be able to maintain my weight for the long term future.” Tom, UK